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Conel LLC was founded back in 1989 - with support of Bayer AG ( first process equipment ) - as a society for special protections and insulations with mixed composition of capital.

Besides the equipment, German corporation Bayer AG Leverkusen has provided over several specialization cycles for leading employees of young company. Additionally there was the Field Team Training Program aimed for achieving highest performances in spray coatings, expanded and elastomeric multicomponent polymers as a function of advanced thermal, acoustic and waterproofing solutions.

Nowadays the Conel LLC, within its core activities (building chemicals), has professionally educated specialists along with technically qualified implementation team, continuously developed during last 25 years of growth and practical experience both domestic and abroad in new construction and refurbishments, for the highest reach of reliable and comprehensive solutions within complex problems:

  • moisture, seepage, and other forms of torrential rainfall, capillary and other basic water and moisture loads of civil, army, and hydro-technical objects, water reservoir facilities and other types of objects "bottom to the top"
  • thermal coatings (dry and self-adhesive) of all types of structures without joints and thermal bridges. As an example, in house developed STF« system (Self-adhesive Thermal Fašade)
  • external granular flooring systems - without joints and connections ľ as a response to a permanently weak spots and cracking joints of ceramic and stone floor paving on terraces, loggias and balconies
  • Anti vibration and sound protection as a risk and damage prevention for the humans and for the objects exposed to extensive vibration amplitudes and/or excessive sound load

Or other words, it is a constant effort of mastering and development of specialized procedures for highest perfomance of solutions by applying advanced technologies and materials.

25 years of experience

Highest reliability performance using advanced technologies and materials

BAYER A.G., Leverkusen
vocational education

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