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The subject of our daily professional challenges are and remain:

  • all kind of preventions against rising construction moisture, precipitation, seepage and other various water loads
  • treatment of wall and floor surfaces of the object from the devastating capillarity, outbreaks of harmful construction salts and biological aged cover
  • settling with the outside floor terraces and flat (green) roofs with permanent full-profile drainage
  • thermal and hydro coatings for roofs and façades of all forms, and since 2014 treatment of the harmful vibrations and noise


How to respond to all the numerous complex requirements and challenges?

With what field-applicative conditions and expectations?

With what kind of performing procedures and solutions?

We believe that the fastest and comprehensive insight is possible through  photo documents from our projects.

Below you will find 4 different photo galleries from our domestic and international projects.
Key essential points of our solutions (without joints, overlaps and fillings) will be visible, and for additional and more extensive information (energy saving, physical and technical data, ROI) contact us please.


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Deep sealing, fracture and capillarity hydro stabilization in building constructions, rehabilitation and restoration of basements and underground spaces with injection technologies

Medium-and high-pressure hydro structural resin injection sealing application on concrete structures, tunnels, underpasses, etc.

Raster defined (deep) sealing based on swelling and expansion gels / polymers

Single level and multi-level horizontal capillary breaks in vertical transport of moisture. On brick, concrete, stone and mixed material walls in private, public and other domains.
Background retrofitting and dilatation procedures with prompt effect

Special injection methods for the objects in the system of cultural heritage

Stabilization of cracks with 2 or 3 component polymer injection, along with structural improvement of macro fractures and static stabilization of concrete constructions with a carbonyl-finned tube and a spiral-anchor technology


Encapsulation of roofs and other surfaces

External waterproofing or hydro insulating coatings without joints and overlaps

Hydro insulation and most effective thermal coating (combined in one material) spray expanded polymer

Spray coatings with hydro insulating elastomers for continuous waterproofing and heavy anticorrosion
(steel and mixed steel surfaces)

Permanent eco-coating and encapsulation of flat and corrugated asbestos covers and linings


Granulated stone facing (indoor and outdoor)

Decorative stone facing, without inclinations, acts as drainage, natural stone granules without joints and connections, grain size up to 4.0 mm

Continuous decorative stone facing with inclinations and whole surface rain water drainage

Mosaic continuous final floor covering for indoor and outdoor applications


All kind of massive windshields and ramps
(result of special spray "freezing" of the natural stone granulate grains size 3.0 -8.0 cm)


Various jointless systems of hydro insulations equally for new and old objects restoration

Rubber-bitumen jointless technology coatings for reinforced concrete slabs and basement walls

Spray elastomer hydro-vibration continuous membranes for structures five and more meters under ground

IT - injection techniques for under ground substrate preparation and stabilization before HI coating application


Anti-vibration (sound) of construction elements using special processing procedures like multiphase injection and spray damping cushioning